Our goal is to design, build, certify and fly the RWD-6 in Poland by August 2012 ,
the 80 year anniversary of 1932 Challenge triumph, then the RWD-6 will become a flying exposition of Polish Aviation Museum in Cracow.

The RWD-6 aircraft project will require about $200,000 for it to happen.

You can help and become a part of this project. Become part of Polish Aviation History and
celebrate 80 years of this memorable event by seeing the wings of Zwirko and Wigura fly
over Polish skies again.

Each donation will receive a beautifully designed certificate.
Each patron will be represented on our honorable supporters list.

Send a check/money order to:

RWD-6 Will Fly Again, Inc.
PO Box 366
Wilbraham, MA 01095

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